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Economic and Trade

Training on AfCFTA to SMEs in collaboration with Ministry of Labor and Skill and Ethiopian Chamber of commerce, funded by Austrian Embassy


Digital Transformation

design of digital application and web development   for early stage cervical cancer detection

Tele medicine concept,Medical Doctor online communicating the patient on VR medical interface with Internet consultation technology


SRHR Design Experimentation with Institute of International Education  funded by Packard foundation


TVET and MSME Development

Active citizenship social enterprise leadership within Jimma University and Debermarkos University partner, funded by British Council

Capacity building

Capacity building of potential SMEs on export market with the case of African single market in partner with Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Labor and skill, funded by Australia Embassy in Ethiopia


Training on Active Citizenship Social Entreprise leadership, funded by British Council and organized by Ministry of peace


Briefing to her excellency Muferihat about the upcoming job plan on the preparation of potential SMEs to African Continental Free Trade Area(AfCFTA) market on the job submit organized by AU and E-Trade group


Presentation on application utilization for early stage cervical cancer prevention and diagnosis, facilitated by Institute of International Education , funded by Packard Foundation